29 Jun 2012

Photo of the Day - Jun 29, 2012

This photo was taken along highway 9 in Alberta, Canada in the early summer at sunset.  The hay bales, grain silos and the CP Rail train in the background are typical sights that stretch across the Canadian prairies: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  This particular spot is found between the city of Calgary and the badlands of the Drumheller area.  For more information on this highway, including sights, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, etc, please check out the website, Mile by Mile.

28 Jun 2012

Photo of the Day - June 28, 2012

It would seem that I have missed a few months!  But I am back to begin posting again...

Though still very much a work in progress, I have been working on my website.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Today's photo was taken a month or so ago in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The light on this tree that stood in front of the dark sky was so beautiful!