23 Feb 2011

Tower of London

Staircase in the Tower of London, 2009
Tower of London
Some fun facts about the Tower
  • The Tower of London was started in the 1080's by William the conqueror, beginning with the White Tower
  • The Tower of London is actually comprised of several different towers
  • The first person known to be imprisoned in the Tower was Ranulf Flambard
  • Anne Boleyn was beheaded at Tower Green
  • Elizabeth I was imprisoned in the Tower
  • The nightly locking of the Tower begins at exactly 9:53pm every night and is marked by the Ceremony of the Keys.
  • Legend dictates that should the ravens who reside at the Tower ever leave, the White Tower will crumble and a terrible disaster shall befall England.
  • When Sir Henry Wyatt was imprisoned in the Tower, a cat used to visit him, bringing dead pigeons for him to eat.

Window on one of the towers of the Tower of London

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