17 Mar 2011

Charlottenburg Palace

The grand entrance and courtyard of the
baroque styled Charlottenburg palace in Berlin, Germany
Fortuna, Goddess of the personification of luck,
sits on top of the palace
During the 1690s, construction began on the central part of this baroque style palace in Berlin, Germany.  The palace began with the central structure and was intended to be a summer home for Sophie Charlotte, wife of Friedrich III.  Originally named Lietzenburg, upon Sophie's passing in 1705, Friedrich renamed it in her memory.  Over the next century, it remained the home of the royal Prussian family.

World War II brought great destruction to the palace, but luckily it was reconstructed to its former beauty.  The biggest change during the reconstruction was to the palace gardens.  Originally the garden was designed by Simeon Godeau in a baroque style, influenced by the gardens at Versailles.  Towards the end of the 18th century, the gardens were redesigned by Georg Steiner in an English style.  Upon the rebuilding after the war, the gardens were returned to their original baroque style.

At the top of the palace a statue of the goddess Fortuna was placed in 1711.  Fortuna was the Roman goddess of the personification of luck, both good and bad.  Today she still watches of the palace and surrounding grounds.

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